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How Long Will a Dead Tree Stand – 5 Facts to Know

How long will a dead tree stand? This question is asked by people who have trees in their backyard. And if you are here searching for answers, then you are in the right place.

Every community benefits from the presence of trees. Trees surround our streets, parks, playgrounds, and backyards, creating a serene, aesthetically beautiful atmosphere.

During outdoor activities with family and friends, the tree provides shade for fun activities. Trees provide many benefits to us, and it is upsetting to see your tree dying.

A dead tree in your yard could cause you a lot of headaches and financial setbacks. And I know it is why you want to know how long will a dead tree stand.

How Long Will a Dead Tree Stand?

The exact time a dead tree can stand before falling is uncertain. There are no theories or predictions that can tell you exactly how long a dead tree can stand. We have seen some dead trees stand for 2-3 years or more.

It’s sad to see your beloved tree die. Ensure that it doesn’t put your properties and family in danger when it eventually rots and falls.

Dead trees are not entirely useless; They have ecological values, providing food for woodpeckers. They also supply shades and a home for other birds.

Should Dead Trees Be Cut Down

Cutting down a dead tree depends on the situation it is. Consider if the tree poses a threat to lives and properties, then you can cut it down.

A dead tree out in the woods or forest poses no risk to life, and property can be left to benefit wildlife.

Cut down dead trees close to house and power lines. Dead tree removal is crucial in times like this – immediately when a tree dies, remove it.

Also, dead trees found in areas where people gather, play, and relax shouldn’t be left standing. Cut them down because it causes a hazard to life and property.

Is it Dangerous to Cut Down a Dead Tree?

It is dangerous cutting down a dead tree if you’re not experienced or well-grounded in the act of tree felling.

When you notice a dying tree or dead tree next to your house. It’s advisable you get a tree arborist or someone with the appropriate equipment, skilled, and insured to cut down trees.

Doing it yourself may put you and other people’s lives in danger. However, if you are capable, then you can go ahead with it.

Equipment for DIY tree Cutting

Cutting down a tree is generally something you leave to professionals. A large tree, the dead or rotten tree located very close to the property.

However, if you have a small tree and feel confident enough to handle the task, we have got some tools you can use for it.

Because safety should be your number one priority, you must follow all safety guidelines of all tools you intend to use. Here are some tools needed to remove a dead tree on your property.


When it comes to tree cutting, most people think of a chainsaw as the first tool that comes to mind. The simplest and quickest way to cut down a tree is with a chainsaw. Chainsaws are powerful and can easily cut through wood. Since the tool is powerful, you must exercise caution when using them in other to avoid an accident.

Many chainsaws get powered by gasoline, electricity, or batteries. They use a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain that is driven along a guide bar to cut.


A good chainsaw will cut through wood with ease, and you won’t have to exert too much effort. As long as you’re attentive when using this tool, it will be one of the simplest means of handling your tree cutting needs.

Hard Hat

Do you cut down trees regularly? If you do, then you should invest in a hard hat. Cutting down trees and heavy branches will always involve some risk. It is critical to be able to protect your head from potentially falling tree branches. A good hard hat, such as the one below, can withstand an impact and keep you safe.

Head helmet

Cut-resistant Gloves

When working with blades, you should take your safety seriously. You don’t want to injure yourself when working. I strongly advise that you purchase a good pair of cut-resistant gloves to keep you as safe as possible. These gloves will protect your hands from being cut while working with chainsaws and other tools.

Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw chaps are protective materials that protect you from a cut when your chainsaw accidentally slips. During an unfortunate accident, these chaps will protect your legs and keep you safe.

Acquiring chainsaw chaps will not cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re using a chainsaw on a regular, it’s best to invest in some protective chaps. They’re a worthwhile investment, and you’ll feel more at ease wearing them.


Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are Personal Protective Equipment worn to protect your eyes before you start cutting down trees with a chainsaw.

It acts as a shield to protect the eyes from any debris arising during tree felling that may cause injury to the eyes. Purchasing a safety glass is essential, as you’ll feel more comfortable while working on site.

Safety Boots

Safety Boots or steel toe boots have a toe reinforcement that protects the foot from falling objects. When you wear safety boots, your feet get protected from sharp and heavy objects.

Your need boots like this to keep your feet safe from accidental chainsaw slips, fallen tree limbs, and so much more.

steel toe boots - homecraftips
Safety Boots

Hearing Protection

When cutting down a dead tree in your yard, you will need hearing protection. Hearing protection devices reduce the amount of noise energy that reaches and damages the inner ear.

This device is essential to everyone who intends to fall a dead tree on their property.

Dead Tree Removal Responsibility

Who is responsible for the removal of dead trees? Having a dead tree on your property can cause damage to you or a neighbor’s property.

If you have a dead tree located on your property, the responsibility of removing it’s yours. When such a tree falls and damages your neighbor’s property, you are responsible for the damages.

Under Florida law, the one responsible for damages is decided according to the health of the tree. If a dead tree falls on a neighboring property, causing damage, the owner of the property where the tree is, pays for the damages. Only if they realize the tree was dead.

Also, the law states, if a live tree falls due to stormy weather on a neighboring property and causes damage, the damaged property owner is liable for the damages.

Dead Tree Removal Cost

Who bears the cost of removing a fallen tree when it falls on ones’ property or a neighboring property?

An issue like this has caused a lot of quarrels, especially in hurricane-affected areas. And Florida comes to mind.

Under Florida law, if you have a dead oak tree on your property and your neighbor notifies you of it. When the storm comes, and the tree falls and damages your neighbor’s property. You are responsible for the damages and the cost of removing the tree.

Your insurance may not cover it when they establish your negligence. Therefore, you will have to pay from your pocket.

However, when a live tree on your property destroys your neighbor’s property. The cost of removing the tree and repairs to damages is his responsibility. His insurance can cover it.

1Ash Tree$950
2Pine Tree$925
3Oak Tree$775
4Palm Tree$725
5Maple Tree$1,150

How Long Will a Dead Pine Tree Stand?

The duration a dead pine tree will remain standing is unknown. It can be months or years.

The period before decay depends on the soil and its moisture content. If the dead tree is frequently disturbed, it will fall soonest.

Pine trees are forest trees, but if you choose to have them in your yard, plant them about 15 feet away from the house.

Can pine trees withstand storms? Pine trees are one the fastest growing trees. You can spot pines as the tallest among the forest community, and it has also been their undoing.

They get exposed to harsh wind and stormy weather. The tree gets hit more during bad weather due to its height.

The greater the width, depth, and strength of a tree’s roots, the better it can withstand flooding and wind.

Pine-tree roots are not, by designation, but plant a shorter pine species and provide wind protection to help reduce the risk of pine tree falling.

How Long Does It Take for A Dead Ash Tree to Fall?

Since ash is a strong wood, it will not pose an immediate threat even if it is dead for two years unless there is some compromising factor (excessive woodpecker, bug, or fungal decay).

A dead ash tree can stand for decades. However, you should be aware that they are big, and when they fall, they do not behave like “normal” trees. The sooner it is removed, the safer it is. You can afford any chances of letting it fall by its self.


How long will a dead tree stand is uncertain, but action is needed to reduce the damages it causes when it eventually falls? The responsibility of removing a dead tree is solely that of the property where the dead pine tree is situated.

Cutting down big and large dead trees left to professionals to handle. It is dangerous to embark on such a task. If you are not experienced, insured, and with the right equipment to cut down a tree, then stay away.


Arias Bosinger, Real Estates & Association Attorneys

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