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How to Get Rid of Gnats Without Apple Cider Vinegar

Seeing gnats and houseflies swarming in the house can be annoying. And, if you are thinking of how to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar? You are not alone.

Gnats and flies are irritating bugs, and they are one heck of a problem all year round. Gnats are more widespread in the summer months and into the fall. This is as a result of more ripe fruits and vegetables during those periods.

Gnats are not dangerous, and there are both biting and non-biting species. Fruit flies and gnats are irritating as they swarm food, indoor plants, and vegetables.

The popular method for getting rid of gnats is by using vinegar. Vinegar is an effective home remedy for surface cleaning. Vinegar is known to kill fruit flies or fungus gnats. But they come with a strong smell that many people find disturbing. 

Vinegar has a strong smell and, the odor can permeate the entire house leaving no room for fresh air. Therefore, people who can’t stand the smell look for other means to trap gnats.

drain fly and fruit fly - how to get ride of gnats without apple cider vinegar

To kill gnats without the use of vinegar requires other simple and effective methods. Therefore, how can one get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar?

You can get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar if you use one or a combination of methods, like using a fruit fly trap, spraying essential oil in an infested area, candle traps, or the lemon and water method.

To help you understand the above methods properly, we have got an easy guide and tips on how to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar.

Why There Are Many Gnats in Your House?

Why am I getting so many gnats in my house? The reason why there are many gnats in your house is not far-fetched. Gnats frequently swarm garbage bins, spoiled fruits, and other wet areas with decomposing organic materials. So these bugs get into your home from the outside through cracks in the walls, windows, or doors.

When there are rotten fruits in your house, the smell attracts flies. Also, gnats like black flies can be found around the sinks, drains, and toilets.

The Washington State University released a report that says adult fruit flies lay about 500 eggs at a time and can multiply so quickly in a short while. This reason explained why one moment your kitchen is fine and the next it is swarming with fruit flies.

How to Get Rid of Gnats Without Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Using a Fruit Fly Trap

A simple and effective solution to gnat infestation is using a fruit fly trap. With this method, you can get rid of gnats without using apple cider vinegar in your house.

The advantage of the fruit flies trap is that it helps you catch the bugs and flies easier, and they are disposable.

Your only job is to open up the lid on the trap and keep the traps in the area affected by the gnats (fruit flies, Black flies, etc.) In a couple of hours, you should see a lot of trap bugs on the surface.

Fruit fly traps come in different shapes and colors. The traps are scented to attract gnats, bugs, and insects like fungus gnats, black flies.

To see which fruit fly trap is suitable for your home, see reviews for eon luxe solutions (an indoor mosquito and gnat’s killer and fruit fly) **

2. Use an Essential Oil Spray

Gnats is a general problem most people face all over the world. However, getting rid of gnats is not difficult either. There are several methods on how to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar. One of such is the use of essential oil spray.

To create your home remedy gnat spray – Mix two cups of water with essential oil into a spray bottle. The types of essential oil that are most effective at getting rid of gnats are lemongrass, rosemary, and peppermint. Check here for here price and reviews**

Ensure to have prepared the solution a long time before spraying it on the infested areas as the scents can be powerful if not appropriately diluted.

3. Candle Traps For Gnats

Using a candle trap is a better option for people who don’t want to get their hands messy with dead fruit flies. The candle traps help to catch these buggy insects and with less grossness.

For effectiveness, this option should be at night. Light up a candle and place it in a small bowl filled with water. Keep it close to the areas that have the most gnat infestation.

Before you start, ensure that there are no other lights in the room. The bugs go to the only light left in the room, which is the candle.

The trap works in two unique ways – Firstly, if the gnats draw near the fire, the heat will burn their wings, and ultimately they will fall into the melted wax and die.

Candle Traps For Gnats - how to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar

The subsequent one is even if the gnats escape from the fire. They get pulled by the reflection of the water. When they land on the water, they drown and have nowhere to go.

4. Professional Pest Control

Whenever you have a lingering gnats infestation, you may need professionals to help you out. Most professional pest control personnel can handle this bugging situation.

They handle issues relating to gnat larvae and adult control, including fruit flies too.

5. Natural Remedies on How to Get Rid of Gnats

There are several home remedies to get rid of gnats, and we will talk about just four of them. These remedies are also ways one can get rid of gnats without using apple cider vinegar.

a. Stale Wine Traps

Instead of disposing of your stale wine, you can put them into use by traping gnats and other annoying insects around your house.

To create a stale wine trap, empty some wine into a bowl and afterward place that bowl close to the gnat-infested zones. The smell of the wine will draw the gnats into the container.

The gnats get trapped and eventually drown when they come in contact with the surface of the wine. Adding liquid dish soap into the solution improves the efficiency and becomes a gnat killer machine. 

Beer and other kinds of fermented beverages can also do a pretty job with this method. The fruitier the scent, the deadlier the trap, and the faster they get rid of fruit flies and gnats.

b. Keep the Kitchen Towels Dry

Try not to keep wet kitchen towels or rags lying around after you might have used them. Ensure they are washed and dried every day as they can create a conducive place for Black flies, fruit flies, and Fungus gnats to breed.

c. Keep Ripe Fruits off the Counter

When ripe fruit starts to ferment, they give out smells, and within a short time, they will begin to appear. To stop gnat infestation in the house, ensure that all ripe fruits are in the refrigerator.

The cold ambient in the refrigerator will slow down the ripening process of the fruit and the appearance of fruit flies. When the fruit ripens, it degrades, gives out ethanol, which hatches or entices the flies and gnats.

d. Wash Dirty Dishes

Washing dirty dishes promptly can massively help to reduce the fruit fly breeding grounds. Don’t leave water in a cup or any other liquid lying for long. Endure that you get rid of any possible potential breeding areas.

e. Lemon & Water

Using lemon & water is the surest way to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with Lemon and Warm water

To do this, all you need is a lemon fruit, a small bowl, film, and warm water. Cut off both ends of the lemon, squeeze it a little and place it in the bowl.

Add water into the bowl, then cover with the plastic wrap, secure it properly so that they will be no room for escape.

Use a pen knife to make few holes on the lemon, warm the bowl a little to invigorate the lemon smell to draw gnats far away. Keep it close to areas swarming with flies, and when the fruit flies enter, they get trapped and dies.

How to Get Rid of Drain Gnats?

how to get rid of Drain fly - How to Get Rid of Gnats Without Apple Cider Vinegar

When your kitchen and bathroom get infested by gnats and fruit flies. One way to get rid of bugs without using vinegar is by pouring bleach into the drain.

How to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar in a bathroom overrun by gnats? You are going to need bleach and water. Dilute The bleach in warm water to the ratio of 2:1. Run the diluted bleach down the drain, bathtub to kill the gnats.

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Plants

Pests are enough disturbance for houseplants, less alone the younger and tender ones that require much attention. Gnats on outdoor plants are more or less acceptable because they also part of our landscaping.

Therefore, if your indoor plants are suffering from pests’ infestation, there are few but easy ways of managing them.

  • Spray your plant with warm water in a tub and with a cloth. Repeat the process until the infestation stops.
  • Dip a cotton swab in essential oil or rub it with alcohol, then wipe off any gnats you see on the plant and leaves.
  • If fungus flies are your plants’ problem dry out the moisture around the plant roots to get rid of their habitat. Then, you can re-pot using a new potting soil for your plant. If the infestation continues, spray a little insecticidal soap on the soil.
  • If whiteflies are your plants’ problem, isolate the plants and remove the infested leaves. spray your plant with warm water, then spray insecticidal soap.

You can use one or a combination of methods to reduce the menace of gnats to your plants and get rid of them forever. It is advisable to change your plants’ soils if it infested by spider mites and fungus gnats.

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Bottom Line

It is easier to get rid of gnats with vinegar outside and indoors. But some people are easily put off by the smell. We did our research and create solutions to how to get rid of gnats without apple cider vinegar.

However, the best way to get rid of gnats is to keep the house clean and eliminate food or fruits that could be breeding grounds for gnats.

** Do you want to know Where do gnats come from? Bookmark this page for more**.




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