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How to Make Money from Home Selling Silk Floral Arrangements?

Hey! I bet you came here to get information on how to make money from home selling silk floral arrangements? The answer you seek is right here, so keep reading.

To get a clear picture of the income flow regarding the floral business, one should know that it is highly seasonal.

You’re going to see dips and highs at different times of the year as people tend to patronize floral businesses during festive periods.

To become a floral designer, you get trained, and this training equipped you with the skill you need to succeed in the business. You can also start selling your skill by teaching others even from your home.

Selling your skill is one way of making money out of silk floral arrangements, and the other way is selling the floral arrangements.

How to Make Money Training Others on Silk Floral Arrangements?

Let’s look at how you can make money from home selling silk floral arrangements through training others.

Get a Venue

In this case, the venue can be your home. Depending on the size of your home, you take in a particular number by batches. When your business gains popularity and patronage, you can leave your home and get a bigger space.

Make some Personal Designs

Having a couple of designs convinces prospect trainees that you sure know what you’re doing. And can also form part of your advertisement.


Advertisement is an integral part of businesses today, no matter how small your business is. Depending on your location, pick the mode of your advertisement. It could be on the radio or a banner.


The pricing should be moderate; it should be what interested people can afford.

How to Sell Flower Arrangements from Home?

How to Sell Flower Arrangements from Home
Image by Werner Weisser from Pixabay

You can sell silk floral arrangements alongside training others, but if you want to focus on selling, you’ve got nothing to worry.

Now, let’s go to making money selling your floral arrangements.

1) Identify a market. Don’t be in haste here; merely having some beautiful designs won’t be enough. You can check what already established businesses in the same line are doing.

2) You’ll have to make beautiful floral arrangements and a good number of them where buyers can choose.

3) You need to have a social media presence. Post pictures of your work periodically.

4) As time passes and things going well, you need to have a website where buyers can place orders.

Bottom Line on How to Make Money from Home Selling Silk Floral Arrangements?

A vast majority of people get attracted to beautiful floral arrangements. It is a part of our modern-day ceremony designs.

To keep the business growing, you need to improve with designs, as you can’t keep displaying the same design year in year out.

You can look up design trends on Pinterest and social media. Also, YouTube channels have lots of good resources too.

The more beautiful designs you make, the more you’re going to have plenty of eyes looking in your direction. 

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