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Is Caladium an Indoor Plant? – 4 Things You Must Know

Is Caladium an Indoor Plant? Caladium plants can thrive in moderate shade or with indirect sunlight; this ability makes them a good indoor plant.

But, you can have challenges using Caladium as indoor plants because of their peculiar needs. Examples include high humidity levels, proper watering habits, temperature stress, fertilizer, etc.

Caladiums are heat-loving and awesome foliage plants with colorful leaves. The plant has leaves shaped like an arrow, paper-thin, and huge with striking colors and patterns.

Having Caladium plants will bring beauty and aesthetics to the home – it is indeed a showy houseplant to have indoors.

Can You Grow Caladium Indoors?

Yes! Caladium can grow indoors, but one must be mindful of where to keep these plants indoors.

Caladium plants need indirect light or Partial shade protecting them from the midday sun. The best exposure for your plant is keeping them in the northern or eastern window in the house.

Growing Caladium indoors requires an ambient environment needed for growth, mainly when growing them from the bulbs.

Atmospheric Moisture is essential to Caladium houseplant care as the bulbs originated from tropical forests in South America, where heat is high.

An enabling environment comprises high humidity, shades, heat, and rich soil is needed for Caladium to grow indoors.

Can You Grow Caladium Indoors - is Caladium an indoor plant

How to Take Care of Caladium Plants Indoors?

Caladium is a peculiar plant grown for its beautiful foliage. However, you may encounter some challenges when caring for your Caladium. The reason is that Caladium plants have some special needs required before they can grow properly.

If these needs get ignored, you may end up seeing your Caladium with small leaves or stunted growth. Mimicking the plant’s natural environments is the primary step towards successfully growing Caladium plants indoors.

Caladium care requires that you provide conditions for the favorable growth of your plant. Here are some of the ambient conditions to present if you want your houseplant to grow indoors.

Keep Humidity High

Caladium are heating-loving; a warmer condition is best for their growth. The humidity level in the room is increased by having a tray with pebble and water in them, using a humidifier, or with misting.

When growing Caladium bulbs indoors, ensure you provide temperatures of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, if you can. At temperatures like that, tubers can begin to grow.


When the foliage appears, you will need to keep it watered. Your plant requires moist soil for more growth. To keep your plant happy, never let it dry out.

But you can stop watering when the plant leaves start dying and resume when the leaves appear again next season.

Watering your plant is crucial if you want to see Caladium plants grow to their maximum capacity.

Do Not Overexpose to Sunlight

Caladium plants thrive in indirect light or moderate to full shade. Therefore, to avoid the effect of overexposure to sunlight (leave turning brown) on your plant, you need to keep them away from direct contact with the midday sun.

The amount of sunlight a Caladium needs is measures by the size of its leaves. That is to say, the narrower the leaves, the more the quantity of light it can withstand. However, when the plants are in a pot, it gives you control over their light condition.

Proper Application of Fertilizer

The ambient conditions given to Caladium bulbs planted indoors during winter determine how well they grow. When the foliage of Caladium starts appearing, apply fertilizer for nutrients and growth indoors.

Normally, Caladium is fertilized weekly during the growing season. You can use Liquid fertilizers or pellets with a slow-releasing ability.

Rich Soil

The plant needs organic-rich, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil. The soil pH of Caladium should be in the range of 6 – 6.5.

Growing Caladium in a pot or a Container indoors requires a potting mix rich in organic matter and well-drained such as a wet mix of soil and peat.

Caladium Lifespan

Caladium is a perennial plant or sometimes annual plant. They can live for 1-2 years in an apartment. It can survive a little longer with good care during mild winter. They start germinating in the spring and grows through the fall.

The beautiful foliage of Caladium plants starts growing from spring to fall and becomes dormant for about five months to sprout again in spring when conditions are favorable.

As winter approaches, the leaves will die back, and the tuber will go resting, waiting for higher temperature and humidity to arrive.

The Different forms of Caladium

Caladiums come in two distinct variants. Some varieties have Tall-developing fancy leaves that grow up to 12 to 30 inches tall with heart or arrow-shaped leaves on long stems.

The other varieties have short stems, with strap-leaved, and usually grow less than 12 inches tall. They have added leaves per tuber and have more lengthened leaves.

Growing Caladiums in Pots

Caladiums are attractive foliage plants grown for their aesthetics leaves. Caladium plants have beautiful color blends like white, red, and green pink.

Caladiums can grow in pots and containers. They do well as patio or deck plants. Unlike other plants that depend on their flower for color, Caladium foliage gives a long-lasting display of beauty indoors.

Mimicking Caladium’s natural habitat is crucial for successful growth in pots. They need moist, slightly acidic, organic-rich, and well-drained soil. For Caladium in Pots, use a well-drained potting mix that contains peat and perlite.

Final Thoughts – Is Caladium an Indoor Plant

The above points have comfortably answered the question – is Caladium an indoor plant?

To recap, Caladium is a houseplant and can grow indoors. Caladiums are plants with special needs. They need care for them to produce better foliage.

Caution!!! Caladiums are poisonous. They contain oxalate crystals that cause pain and irritation in the mouth and tongue when chewed. Keep them away from Children and Pets.

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